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3 Reasons Why You Should Moisturize

Our skin encounters many environmental elements daily which may leave it looking dry and damaged. Here are the reasons why it is important to include moisturizers in your daily skin regimen.

1. Moisturizers prevent drying of the skin

There a several factors by which our skin loses its elasticity and glow. Stress, weather, pollution, underlying sickness, and the aging process are some contributory elements of dry and poor skin. These free radicals in our health system can cause our face to become dry and dull which makes us less confident to interact with other people. Nonetheless, skin irritants can be prevented by using moisturizers.

2. Moisturizers help keep your youthful glow

Having moisturizer in your skin regimen prevents it from drying up. Moisturizers maintain the hydration of the skin and keep its elasticity to maintain your youthful glow. The natural process of aging will inevitably lead to crow’s feet in the eyes and facial lines, yet, moisturizers, slows down the process and maintain the balance of skin integrity.

3. Moisturizers helps prevent skin problems

Weather, be it cold or hot, can dehydrate our skin making it dry and prone to acne and/or pimples whilst itchy and patchy at times. When our skin becomes too dry or too oily, the body sends a signal to glands to produce more oils but eventually clogs up the skin. Hence, with constant use of moisturizers that have special ingredients to soothe up the skin, oil glands will less likely to function minimizing if not actually eliminating the extreme secretions of oil. With moisturizers, skin problems are prevented making it healthier and more refreshed at all times.

Harmful rays of the sun can also cause damage to tissue cells but a good choice of a personal skin care regimen that exactly works on your skin can help balance the moisture. DERMSKIN Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF-70 is designed to help provide maximum sun protection while promoting natural moisture and balancing skin pH. It is clinically proven to promote vibrant, youthful skin of all types.


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