Dermskin's Highlight of the Week: RX-Medicated Treatment Products

Updated: Jul 7

All of Dermskin's RX-medicated treatments work to keep your skin in fantastic shape. Whether your goal is maintenance and prevention, anti-aging, skin repair, skin control or all of the above, Dermskin's RX-Medicated lineup has something just for you.

RX-Medicated Astringent

Evens Skin Tone and Minimizes Pores

This multi-tasker is great for daily use. Oily, dry, combination, acne-prone or blemished skin? The RX-Medicated Astringent removes dead skin cells, balances skin tone, and lightens skin pigmentation and melasma. It has anti-bacterial properties that eliminate acne, skin blotches, milia, comedones and minimizes pores.

RX-Medicated Serum

Lightens. Brightens. Smooths Skin.

This exfoliant can be used several times a week, and depending on your skin type, even nightly. Dermskin's RX-Medicated Serum lightens and brightens your skin after gentle peeling. It is formulated to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, revealling radiant and glowing skin after only 7 days of use. Be sure to use facial sunscreen while using this product.