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Is the Gold Peel Treatment the New Gold Standard?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

One of Dermskin's most popular non-invasive facial treatments is the Gold Peel Treatment. Rising in popularity as being as beneficial, if not more, than the widely-known microdermabrasion treatment, the Gold Peel has both science and history backing its benefits.

Gold is the world's most popular mineral and was already considered valuable in ancient civilizations owing to its intrinsic value and special properties. The use of gold for medicinal and healing purposes dates back to the early Egyptian civilization, seen as a master healer, purifying the physical body in amazing ways. This medicinal use of gold continued into medieval Europe, ancient Rome and is still used in modern day dentistry and cancer treatments. Some high-end restaurants even use 24-karat gold flakes in their dishes to replenish minerals. When it comes to proven science, several articles cite that gold nanoparticles stimulate anti-oxidant enzymes and other age preventative activity. Research also proves its efficacy as a cancer treatment.

So, what about its efficacy as a facial treatment? Gold peels remove dirt and dead skin cells, unclog pores and condition the skin. Similar to microdermabrasion, it increases microcirculation, and energizes and stimulates cell and collagen production, leading to brighter and tighter skin. To top it all off, gold is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. What more can be said about this Gold Star treatment?

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