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Summer Skincare Must Haves

Summertime can be both enjoyable and cruel, as the weather becomes warmer and more humid, frequent exposure to the sun can lead to oily and highly pigmented skin. Acne outbreaks are also everybody’s concern during summer because as the skin becomes greasy and oily, the oil will blend with the perspiration which will attract bacteria to settle in the pores thereby clogging them, thus acne will emerge.

These skin problems can be prevented by following immense skin care regimens. Although most if not all, do not want to apply moisturizer, yet, it is as much important as applying it during winter. When the weather is hot, warm, and humid during summer, the skin becomes more dry than usual. Moisturizing the skin is an important process to keep it hydrated, silky, and smooth as possible.

Secondly, Summertime is when UV rays are at their peak. It is easy to get skin burnt especially when exposed frequently to the sun, that is why sunscreen is important to protect the you from the damaging effects of sun rays. Applying them to delicate parts of the body like the face, lips, and eyes can protect them from thinning and wrinkles.

Exfoliating dead skin cells are important to get rid of the dry and dull layers of the skin to appear fresher and more glowing. Do not forget to hydrate yourself with water, and take supplements like Vitamin C and E daily. These are but a few considerations to maintain vibrant ad glowing skin even during summertime.

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