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Tattoo Remorse is a Thing of the Past

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We've all done it at least once in our lives; made that regrettable fashion or beauty decision. Some are on the transient end of the spectrum; a shaved head, bleached locks, henna from hell. Then there are the "others", the keepers such as piercings and tattoos. With piercings, one could simply take it out and hope for the hole to close. Tattoos on the other hand, that is there for life. So what exactly can you do to rid yourself of that ill-decided action? Simply laser it. Thankfully, Dermskin USA offers this saving grace!

Before I get into the how, let's get into which tattoos are, comparatively speaking, easier to remove. Older tats (faded), black, brown, dark blue and green tats, smaller tats, and tats on lighter skinned individuals are easier to remove. Thought not impossible, large, colorful, newer (darker) are time consuming and more expensive. There are also some co-factors, such as pre-existing skin conditions or unhealthy skin that can make tattoo removal not worth the side effects. Regardless of difficulty, there is always a risk of scarring, skin discoloration and infection. Basically, the same types of risk you have when getting the body art in the first place.

Laser removal is frequently used in health spas and doctor's offices. It is an out-patient procedure and used with a local anesthetic. Do you remember learning about the wavelengths of light? Depending on the variety of colors the tattoo has, different laser wavelengths are used to heat and remove the ink. Complete removal, or fading, takes about six to eight sessions. After a procedure, you may experience swelling, blistering, or bleeding, and an ointment should be applied post-treatment to prevent infection and promote healing.

Hearing people say, "Really think about what you want because it is there for life!" are truly words of wisdom.

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