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SPFs: A Winter Season Necessity

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Whether you plan to spend the winter months in Aruba or Alaska, protect your skin with SPF products to ensure a spectacular appearance at next year's new years eve party.


Most people do protect themselves from those harsh UV rays year-round, however, there is a tendency to be a bit "lazy" about it when the sun isn't its brightest. I am definitely guilty of this, walking out my door without any sunscreen if it is a cloudy day, despite the knowledge that UV rays penetrate cloud cover. So, for the benefit of us all, here are reminders of why we should not be remiss when it comes to using SPFs year-round.

1) Going snowboarding or cross country skiing? Those rays reflect off the snow and can cause sunburn and eye damage. Ouch. Enough said.

2) Taking advantage of the cooler weather by strolling around town in your best winter outfit? UV rays also reflect off of pavement, so this habit can lead to pre-mature aging and skin cancer.

3) The majority of us take over-the-counter and prescription medication such as birth control, antibiotics and acne products. Ingredients in these may increase your chance of sunburn. Even cosmetic products and procedures that are used on a regular basis can sensitize your skin.

You see? That extra 2 minutes spent lathering on SPF year-round is worth it for more ways than one. Dermskin's line has multiple products such as the Anti-Aging Lightening Moisturizer and the Sunscreen Moisturizer containing SPF, so take your pick and continue to look fabulous in 2021.

Accessed January 8, 2021,

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