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Prepare the "Lasers"

Come summer and as we become "seasoned", many opt for the less is more look with their body. I am not referring to pounds and inches, I am talking about hair. Top level, we all want to keep, but everywhere upper lip and below is fair game.

A popular question about this treatment is "Does it hurt?". People mention it feels like a sharp pinch, or a rubber band being snapped on your skin. They do add that it is less painful than waxing, for those of you who have undergone that treatment. I have done both, a laser treatment over a decade ago (but for spider veins), and waxing over five years ago. My opinion may not be valid since it was so long ago, and methods have likely improved, but to me they had equal levels of discomfort. That being said, both were tolerable. Would I do it again if it meant a long term problem solved? Yes. So, on to the next question that comes to mind, "How much does it cost?". Or, the underlying inquiry, "Is it affordable for the average-income individual?". Prices vary depending on the size of treatment area, geographical location, and prestige and expertise of the individuals administering the treatment. This can run you anywhere between $200-$1,500 per session, keeping in mind multiple sessions are needed for desired results. This answer is unhelpful, I know. I personally correlate expense with quality results. However, come a certain price point, I think it is just the company's name or branding that determines price. Toms vs Tieks. Unless it is a reputable establishment having a massive promotion, I would steer away from "too good to be true" offers. Closing advice: spend as much as you can without having to give up your usual guilty pleasures, like that monthly manicure.

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