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Dermskin & Body Care Wellness Center was established in 2001 in Glendale, California. It was formed by a group of experts in the field of Medical Aesthetics — Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and Pharmacists, to serve and fill the needs of people searching for a healthy and beautiful body inside and out.


We expanded and improved our services by upgrading to the latest technology and formulated unique skin care products to meet and keep up with the demands of today's third generation skin and body needs.



We believe that by uniting the best of nutraceutical, botanical, herbal and pharmaceutical ingredients with our expertise, we can help people get healthier skin and a more perfected body to attain a state of general well-being. Thus, we have developed quality skin and body care services and products to achieve these. 


Our mission is to optimize our patients' health and well-being through promoting our principle of beauty inside and out.


  • To enhance the physical looks of clients who seek out specialized services.

  • To uplift the self-esteem and confidence of our clients.

  • To maintain a mutually satisfying relationship with individuals and organizations within our community.










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